21 Secrets MAC Employees Will Never Tell You

What’s better than a name tag? A rose-gold necklace, that’s what.

Our staff discount is pretty damn generous.

We get a hefty 60% discount on products but luckily we have a monthly allowance so you know, we don't end up spending all of our money.

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But the holy grail is our annual “gratis” where we get to order a selection of our favourite MAC products…for free!

What's better than a 60% discount…uhm FREE MAKEUP!

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You have to be a qualified makeup artist to work at MAC.

Every person you see in store will be a qualified makeup artist, whether they were trained directly by the company or joined as a freelancer with their own credentials. When you apply for a job you have to take a makeup test in which you recreate a look and talk through it as you would with a customer. So you don't get hired unless you really know your stuff.

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