11 Perfect Lobster Rolls To Eat In NYC This Summer

Spending next weekend in the city might be a very good idea.

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If you’re looking for a simple menu in a swanky ‘hood, try Ed’s Lobster Bar.

If you're looking for a simple menu in a swanky 'hood, try Ed's Lobster Bar.

Get the lobster roll, which comes with fries and Ed's pickles. The menu at Ed's is classic and straightforward. Try your lobster roll with a side of fried Ipswich clams ($17).

Where: Two locations. 22 Lafayette St, Soho, and 52 Gansevoort St, Meatpacking District
Cost: Market price


If you need variety, try Luke’s Lobster.

If you need variety, try Luke's Lobster.

There's a reason Luke's Lobster has grown from a single NYC location to a cross-country franchise: Their signature lobster roll is just about perfect, filled with big chunks of knuckle and claw meat, chilled and dressed with lemon butter and spices, then served in a mayo-swiped split-top bun. Get the Taste of Maine sampler — which comes with 1/2 a lobster roll, 1/2 a crab roll, 1/2 a shrimp roll, two crab claws, and sides.

Where: Multiple locations in NYC and across the country
Cost: $24 at most NYC locations


If you really love mayonnaise, try Mary’s Fish Camp.

Some people shudder at the amount of mayonnaise on their lobster roll, but others swear by it.

Where: 64 Charles Street, West Village
Cost: Market price

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