Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” Will Kill Supermarket Checkout Lines

Today, Amazon announced a brand new technology that promises to eliminate waiting in lines at your local supermarket checkout register. In fact, it will eliminate registers themselves.

The tech is called “Just Walk Out”, and it’s part of Amazon Go, an app that will launch in beta this year to Amazon employees at an 1,800 square foot location in Seattle.

Customers enter the store by scanning a barcode on the Amazon Go app on their phones. According to a promotional video released by the company, once inside, customers simply pick what they want from the store shelves. Amazon uses a combination of sensors, computer vision, and deep learning, much like you would find in self-driving cars, to figure out what they picked out.

Once you walk out of the store, the app automatically bills your purchases to your card on file with Amazon and sends you a receipt.

Check out the video for Amazon Go right here:

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