I Dropped Samsung’s New Phone In A Lake And It’s Totally Fine

A review of the Galaxy Note 7, the ultimate phone for anyone who’s still obsessed with their stylus.

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There’s a big new Android phone on campus: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.

There's a big new Android phone on campus: Samsung's Galaxy Note 7.

This month, Samsung will unveil the sixth iteration of its Note series but is calling it, confusingly, the Galaxy Note 7 (because its current flagship phone is the Galaxy S7, but whatever).

The new 5.7-inch Note is one of the best Android phablets you can buy right now – and, if you don't mind Samsung's continually-improving-but-still-annoying TouchWiz interface, it is the best. I know, because Samsung lent me a Note 7 review unit ahead of its August 19 release date and I've been fumbling with its tiny little stylus ever since. And yes, phablet is the second worst name for a tech thing (next to ~dongle~).

I have always preferred “pure” Android devices like the Nexus 6P. In other words, phones developed in partnership with Google that run the latest version of the Android operating system. These phones, which you buy directly from Google's online store, typically get the latest and greatest software updates first.

Galaxy phones are anything BUT “pure” Android devices (Samsung usually pre-loads a bunch of their own extra, Samsung-y stuff on them). And yet, it was impossible to deny just how good the Note is. The phone has a gorgeous new display with curved edges and is jam-packed with new features. Most of all, the Note 7 exceeds expectations where it matters most – battery life, speed, photo quality, and general lifeproof-ness.

Intrigued? More words ahead.

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We’ll start with my favorite part: the unboxing.

We'll start with my favorite part: the unboxing.

The Note 7 comes with a pair of earbuds and a charging plug, per usual. There's a schmancy new quick-charging USB C cable and a USB C-to-micro USB adapter, which can be used to connect your phone to pre-existing accessories.

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Now with me, slowly: yessssssssssssss.

Now with me, slowly: yessssssssssssss.

#1 job perk = peeling off new screen protectors.

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