19 Books That Everyone With A Vagina Should Read

Because we all need more cliterature in our lives.

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The V Book – Dr. Elizabeth Stewart

This top-selling 2002 book is still a vital medical guide to your “unmentionables”. It's great to have around as a reference, but it's so engaging and well-written you can also read it cover to cover. Buy it here for £2.83.

What the reviews say: “This author, who happens to be a brilliant writer and funny with it, strips away the mystique and shows us how marvellous our 'V's are. That's the vulva, vestibule and vagina. Read it, and celebrate and cherish your bits.”


Animal – Sara Pascoe

In this book, UK comedian Sara Pascoe aims to deal with all of the things women have to contend with, e.g. “boobs and sex and infidelity and pubes and wombs.” Get the paperback here for £12, or click here for the audiobook.

What the reviews say: “It may sound like an exaggeration but this book changed my life. It's helped me with some personal issues in a funny and therapeutic way. Sarah's writing is intellectual, witty, and personal and I just loved it so much.”


Becoming Cliterate – Dr Laurie Mintz

Dr Laurie Mintz wants you to make friends with your clit, and to make a case for that she starts by exposing the cultural gap between straight sex and female enjoyment, then offers up improved, satisfying techniques for “cliterate” sex. It's available for £10.99 on Kindle, and £18.99 as a hardcover.

What the reviews say: “Fun, funny, and empowering. A must-read for people with clits, especially those who are having sex with people with penises.”

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