23 Times Parents Taught Their Kids About Sex And Were So Extra

“Let me just say I will NEVER be able to look at two plums placed next to each other the same way again.”

Here's what they said:

This horse visual that’s worth a thousand words:

This horse visual that's worth a thousand words:

“The only sex talk I was given was in fourth grade when my dad drove me three hours away to this farm where he gets his racehorses bred. Long story short, we get there and he has me watch a stallion mount a dummy for its semen to be collected. Upon seeing the horrified look on my face afterward, my dad goes, 'Welcome to the miracle of life.' And that was that. He didn't say a word to me the whole rest of the trip. I don't even know if that counts as 'the talk' because all I learned that day was that horses have massive dongs and wanking them off is gross.”


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And this talk that uses canine sexuality as a convenient in:

And this talk that uses canine sexuality as a convenient in:

“My mom sat me down…Mind you I'd known about sex for years. She then proceeded to explain how dogs have sex, then said 'Imagine them as humans.'


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This euphemistic dodge:

This euphemistic dodge:

“I thought for a while sex could only be done with a married couple, except I have a cousin whose parents I knew weren't married when they had her. My mom just told me my uncle and his girlfriend 'slept together.' Until I was 15 — FIFTEEN — I thought you could get pregnant by sleeping in the same bed as a boy.


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