33 Random AF Things That Turn People On

From sushi boats to IKEA furniture, here are the random things that get people going.

But the fact is that what ~gets you going~ can totally differ from person to person. And you don't really hear too much about the more off-the-beaten-path stuff that puts people in the mood.

So, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to share what uncommon and surprising things turn them on. Here’s the super specific stuff they had to say (and to be clear, we're talking about stuff being done by/between consenting adults):

Sushi boats

Sushi boats

“I think it's because it's like an aphrodisiac to me. I have dreams of being Samantha from Sex in the City in the scene where she's covered in sushi.”


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“It's mostly by vibrating ones, and usually if I hear one buzzing while a family member uses it. It's mainly because I use them to masturbate, so the sound puts me in the 'right' mindset.”


Ivanmollov / Getty Images



“Diapers. And also the thought of someone changing my diaper, like wiping down there with a baby wipe and patting on baby powder.”


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