34 Gross Firsts All Newly Pregnant Women Experience

Basically, you’re like a leaky faucet.

1. You start to feel like a damn chameleon because your skin pigment changes…

2. …even on your vagina. YES, your vagina can change color, too – like a darkish blue or purple-red. (It's called Chadwick's sign.)

3. Your ~friends~ bacne and boobne (you know, acne on your boobs) show up to remind you just how raging your hormones are.

4. Visibly dark veins appear on your boobs making your boobs look like a road map of the Hollywood Hills.

5. And while we're talking about boobs, yours get so big so fast they may not grow evenly. One boob may be the “appetizer” and the other the “main course.”

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

6. Your blood volume significantly increases, which explains all those protruding veins that show up on your body and bloody noses you commonly get.

7. You become all sorts of stopped up when it comes to dropping a deuce.

8. Your ankles virtually disappear underneath a sea of swelling.

9. You begin to feel like Sasquatch because your hair not only grows faster and thicker, but also in places you didn’t know hair could grow.

10. You become a human garbage disposal. All food is good food and food belongs in your belly because ~the baby~ is hungry 24/7.

11. You experience something called the “Mucous Plug:
Bloody Show,”
which is basically a big (and sometimes bloody) string of mucus your body expels before birth.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

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