7 Things You Should Know About Food And Sex

*Eats 12 oysters. Turns into a sex gawd*

If you like having sex, then chances are you’ve heard of aphrodisiac foods before.

If you like having sex, then chances are you've heard of aphrodisiac foods before.

If you haven't, they're foods that supposedly increase your sexual desire after eating them. So, if you have a hot date, you guys should eat some aphrodisiacs and you'll instantly become super horny — or ~something~ like that. Lots of people swear by them, but do they really work that way?

The short answer is nope. “If there was a food that in and of itself could totally ramp up your libido, then it would be the most popular food on earth,” Dr. Alyssa Dweck, gynecologist and author of The Complete A to Z for Your V, tells BuzzFeed Health.

So maybe there isn't a super popular sex food out there that automatically makes you horny, but that doesn't mean these so-called “aphrodisiacs” won't influence your sex drive — it's just more of a long-term endeavor. For more input, BuzzFeed Health spoke to Dweck, as well as Dr. Harry Fisch, urologist and author of The New Naked, and sex therapist Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, author of Wanting to Want. Here's how they broke it down.

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Some aphrodisiac foods trick the brain…

Some aphrodisiac foods trick the brain...

The brain is your biggest sexual organ, Dweck says, so if you're eating something that you think is an aphrodisiac, chances are you're going to believe it — and your body might respond to that, almost like a placebo effect. This can work in a few ways.

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Either by imitating the sensations you might feel during sex…

Either by imitating the sensations you might feel during sex...

Like oysters, for example. “They're slippery, they’ve got this weird texture, you’ve got to figure out how to put them in your mouth, so there’s a whole texture issue that people will relate to kissing or oral sex,” says Castellanos. Oysters, as well as clams and mussels, provoke a sensual feeling that can remind some people of sex, she says, and that's sometimes all they need to get ~in the mood~.

Other foods that can trigger these thoughts and feelings, Dweck says, are bananas, figs, papayas, and other foods that have sexually suggestive appearances.

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Or reminding you of romance, love, and sex.

Or reminding you of romance, love, and sex.

Dark chocolate is a great example here, Dweck says, noting that many people associate it with romance. Dark chocolate also contains phenyethylamine, a substance that might raise serotonin levels and promote wellbeing, Dweck says — but don't overdo it because it's still sugar.

That said, any food can be an aphrodisiac if you personally associate it with sex or romance. In other words, if something worked for you in the past — whether it was dessert with whipped cream or chocolate syrup or even dinner at a specific tapas restaurant — then use it again.

“If there's something that triggers a sexual memory, then that's a brilliant way of considering that an aphrodisiac,” says Fisch.

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