9 Products Your Vagina Will Love

Treat your vagina right, it deserves it.

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Hitatchi Magic Wand, £40.

“The Hitachi Magic Wand has given me the most intense orgasm of my life.” — Ltodd5122

Get it on Love Honey, £40.00


Always Infinity sanitary towels, £3.15.

Always Infinity sanitary towels, £3.15.

“When I have my period, I only wear Always Infinity. They are made out of what seems like memory foam, so they conform to the shape of your body really well, and you can't feel them until they fill up, which claims to be 10x their weight. Unless your have an especially heavy flow, the same pad works all day, without making you feel like you are wearing a small diaper” — m31i

Get it at Boots, £3.15.


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