Knickers the cow: enormous Holstein-Friesian stands head and shoulders over herd


“Knickers,” an infinite Holstein-Friesian, is making headlines after his proprietor declared him — unofficially — Australia’s largest steer.

The 7-year-old stands at a whopping 194 centimeters (76 inches) tall — nearly as tall as NBA legend Michael Jordan — and weighs 1.four tonnes (3,086 kilos), its proprietor says.

The massive ruminant towers over the opposite beasts within the herd from the farm in Myalup, a city about an hour-and-a-half south of Perth, the capital of Western Australia.

Holstein-Friesians are a dairy breed. Mature cows weigh about 1,500 kilos and stand 147 centimeters (58 inches) tall on the shoulder, according to one cattle trade website. Bulls normally stand over 180 centimeters tall and weigh over 2,200 kilos.

Knickers is considerably heavier and taller than that.

Proprietor Geoff Pearson mentioned that Knickers’ sheer measurement saved him from the abattoir.

“He was too large to enter the export plant’s chain,” the farmer told Australia’s ABC News. “We have now a excessive turnover of cattle and he was fortunate sufficient to remain behind.”

Whereas he cannot fairly stake a declare to be a world-beater, Knickers measures up effectively in opposition to the world’s largest steer, a chianina ox named Bellino who measured simply over 2 meters (roughly 79 inches) at a cattle present in Rome in 2010.

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