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As Season 7 progresses, one of the biggest meta shifts has been the transition from "ultimate-bot" AD carries to those that are meant to be the main reason teamfights and games are won in the mid to late game. Twitch is one such carry that has snuck past the rest as a standout AD carry in the midseason.

The rat that goes ra-ta-tat-tat has made a return to the bot lane, carrying very high win rates in North America and Korean solo queue in particular. Early focus on sustain and the weakness of utility AD carries have put Twitch back into the spotlight as a great option in the bot lane. His invisibility is hard to play around, helping the pesky rodent win games outright by picking off targets.


Attack Damage Reds, Armor Yellows, Magic Resistance Blues, Attack Speed Quintessences

This is your standard AD carry page, able to give you the most optimal combination of lane survivability and farming potential. With Twitch in particular, the resistances are more necessary due to his laning being worse than popular utility-oriented picks such as Ashe or Caitlyn.


Eighteen in Ferocity is standard, and Twitch gets disproportionate benefits from it due to the way poison interacts with Battle Trance. That keeps him in combat with champions, giving him the buff for much longer than it would for other AD carries. Fervor of Battle helps Twitch deal more damage, and he builds it very quickly thanks to his early attack speed items, runes and Q which grants attack speed.

More points in Vampirism are helpful with your lane phase and even late game sustain. The ability to heal a good amount off of your Contaminate will make surviving lane a lot easier, and Natural Talent will still give you 1 AD for the early game with the amount that you put into it. Otherwise, this is a pretty standard Ferocity setup for an AD carry.

Twelve in Resolve helps you to survive the lane as well as any forms of all-in through the use of Fearless. Even for AD carries, Fearless gives you an insane amount of gold value through the stats given, especially as it scales into the late game and items such as Quicksilver Sash, Hexdrinker and Guardian Angel. Recovery, Tough Skin and Veteran Scars help Twitch in the lane phase as well by giving him early sustain and extra health.

Skill Order

First six levels: EWEQER

Your E should be maxed first, as it gives you the most possible burst damage, and gives you burst heal if need be through the Vampirism mastery. Your kill pressure is increased substantially through levels in E, with a potential base damage increase of 45 each level.

Maxing Q second is great, because of the invisibility duration and attack speed increase. However your W should be taken earlier than your Q because of its lane pressure, giving you a zone which enemies will actively avoid, and a way to quickly clear multiple minions at once with Contaminate. Your ultimate should be taken whenever possible.

Build Order

Twitch is all about safely critting enemies from afar with Spray and Pray. As a result, crit builds are powerful, but Blade of the Ruined King is a great early purchase as well due to its strength in the midseason meta. It also synergizes with Runaan’s Hurricane, a key part of Twitch’s build as it applies his passive on multiple targets and gives attack speed and critical chance. With the percent health physical damage and active to help peel if enemies get too close for comfort, Twitch can easily shred teamfights with Blade of the Ruined King alongside a crit build.

After crit, your last item can either be Maw of Malmortius (to survive magic damage burst), Death’s Dance (to survive sustained damage and increase your own sustain) or Mercurial Scimitar (for heavy crowd control).

  1. Doran’s Blade + Health Potion or Long Sword + 3 Health Potions (only in harder matchups such as Caitlyn, Ashe, Varus Lucian)

  2. Bilgewater Cutlass and Boots

  3. Blade of the Ruined King

  4. Ninja Tabi or Berserker’s Greaves

  5. Runaan’s Hurricane

  6. Infinity Edge

  7. Phantom Dancer

  8. Maw of Malmortius, Death’s Dance, or Mercurial Scimitar


Early game, Twitch is able to comfortably survive lane, and punish anyone who overextends thanks to his burst damage from Contaminate as the trade ends. With your runes, masteries, and items, you should be able to survive the early lane phase if you play it without pushing your luck. That's the most important part of playing Twitch and similar hyper carries.

You are often not required to win your lane, and will win outright if you just not die. This lets you keep pace with your opponents. Once you have access to ranks in Q, roaming is a distinct opportunity that Twitch has due to his invisibility. Wait for your chance to push lanes out, and then roam into the jungle or towards mid to get the jump on unsuspecting enemies.

The mid game has Twitch further entrenched in farming out lanes and carving out advantages with invisible ganks. With Blade of the Ruined King and Runaan’s Hurricane, Twitch becomes a decent skirmisher, as he can rain down area of effect attacks from long range thanks to Spray and Pray. Using Q early and often allows you to maneuver the map effectively and confuse opponents as they become more and more unsure of your presence. You can use trinkets while stealthed, so take advantage of that to get deeper wards.

Twitch shines in the late game, being completely able to dominate fights if left alone for even a couple of seconds. After fully building his crit items in Infinity Edge, Runaan’s Hurricane, and Phantom Dancer, Twitch will be able to blow up squishies. As people flee his rampage, a quick Contaminate takes out any stragglers. Twitch also can be a great flanker in the late game, able to use his ultimate from afar to immediately cause chaos in the back line carries of the enemy team. This also confuses the front line tanks of the team, as they can’t reach you to appropriately punish this flank, thanks to your invisibility giving them less information on your whereabouts. This pseudo-assasination capabilities will definitely help win games.

Gabriel Zoltan-Johan is a news editor at theScore esports and the head analyst for the University of Toronto League of Legends team. His (public) musings can be found on his Twitter.

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