Beekeeper Singed Now Available!

“To shake… or not to shake.”Beekeeper Singed is and the Bee Singed icon are now available!

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Release Announcement

From the release announcement – “Beekeeper Singed bumbles onto the Rift!


1350 RP 

What a sticky situation. 

He only wanted to stop and smell the flowers. Of course it wouldn’t bee so easy, not while he carried such a coveted concoction. Everyone wanted a taste. Singed chuckled. It was his honey that stung, not the bees. 

Beekeeper Singed is now bumbling around the League store for 1350 RP.

[We’ve translated this announcement for our bee friends.]
Bzzz z bzzzzz bzzzzzzzz. 

Bz bzzz bzzzzz bz bzzz bzz bzzz bzz bzzzzzz. Bz bzzzzz bz bzzzzz’z bee bz bzzz, bzz bzzzz bz bzzzzzz bzzz z bzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzz. Bzzzzzzz bzzzzz z bzzzz. BZZZZZ bzzzzzzz. Bz bzz bzz BZZZZ bzzz bzzzz, bzz bzz, beez. 


New Skin – Beekeeper Singed

A sweet new skin for Singed is now available – Beekeeper Singed!

Beekeeper Singed

1350 RP

Summoner Icon

An adora-bee new summoner icon is also now available!

Bee Singed Icon
250 RP

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