Best Skin Concepts: Star Guardians

Skins of the Week is a weekly series that highlights the best skins and skin concepts for heroes, champions and characters across a variety of games.

This week, we’re spotlighting skin concepts based on the Star Guardian skin line from League of Legends. Magical girls, magical boys, and magical representations of death are among the themes to be found here.

Star Guardian Ahri

by citemer

Ahri is one of the more popular champions on LoL's roster, and citemer's interpretation of the Star Guardian theme adds a certain villainous flair to her lineup. Though Ahri already has plenty of skins, this one strays far enough away from her current roster that something like this could conceivably be released should Riot ever return to the theme.

Star Guardian Soraka

by kenks

Not making Soraka, whose moniker is ‘the Starchild’, one of the first Star Guardians feels like a missed opportunity. Author kenks does a great job showcasing how good Soraka can look if she were given her own Star Guardian skin, as this concept feels both unique yet familiar to Soraka’s original appearance. Skins don’t have to be dramatic departures from the original design to be good, and this concept proves that.

Star Guardiana

by MisterShiroi

MisterShiroi’s interpretation of Diana fits in well with the other Star Guardian skins, and comes with an added air of royalty. And considering what famous manga and anime that inspired the Star Guardian line, having the ‘Scorn of the Moon’ as a Star Guardian seems like an obvious choice.

Star Guardian Darius

by bavariaworld

Far from simply being Darius in a skirt, Star Guardian Darius is actually pretty badass. While his outfit undeniably evokes the designs of other Star Guardian skins, Darius’ appearance retains a powerful aura that marks bavariaworld’s interpretation as unique compared to the other skin concepts on this list. The highlight in this image is undoubtedly the axe, which takes a basic weapon and turns it into a powerful magical artifact.

Star Guardian Kindred

by drills-of-defiance

This skin would be worth it if only for the bow tied around Wolf’s head. But the image of Kindred, the representation of the twin essences of death in LoL lore, as a magical girl, makes us wish that Riot would make this concept a reality as soon as possible.

Star Guardian Braum

by Zinganza

You know you want this to be real.

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