Infographic: Top 5 bot lane duos in Bronze, Silver and Gold on Patch 7.11

Want to know the best bottom lane combinations on the current patch? Here are the highest win rate ADC/Support combos in Bronze, Silver and Gold.

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In Bronze, Sona and Miss Fortune make a powerful combination thanks to their strong poke abilities and both spike at Level 6 with access to their strong, AoE ultimates.

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While Kog’Maw and Brand don’t have much overt synergy, both are very strong champions that can push out quite a bit of damage. While Draven is able to snowball very well, he might be a bit too mechanically demanding for low Elo players.

Blitzcrank holds the keys to the kingdom in Gold as lowbies have a hard time dodging his hook. However, in the current hyper carry meta, strong Twitch players can succeed with basically anyone.

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