Infographic: Top 5 Platinum and Platinum+ Junglers on Patch 7.9

With the mid-season patch having been released over a week ago, theScore esports decided to take a look at who the five best jungle champions in Platinum and Platinum+ (Platinum, Diamond, Master and Challenger) are in terms of win rates.

The simple truth is that, if you are a jungler in platinum or above, you have to either play Ivern, Nunu or Sejuani or ban them out. All three champions are in a very good spot right now, but the tank update has seen Sejuani skyrocket her way back into relevance as she's cemented herself as the queen of the jungle.

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Nunu and Ivern see incredibly high win rates due to their utility and ability to shut down the enemy jungler. Because there’s less co-ordination in solo queue, the ability for Ivern or Nunu to get punished for early invades and stealing buffs is much harder.

Sejuani saw a high pick and ban rate due to a combination of being reworked and having that rework be insanely strong. A recent patch hotfix has nerfed her numbers a bit, and the dust is settling on whether that will bring her into line. For now, she still seems incredibly difficult for a team to play against.

Overall, all three of these picks provide great utility and early control of the jungle through their quick execution of jungle camps (Ivern passive, Nunu Q, Sejuani E). That makes it easier for them to scale up, invade the enemy, and gank for their team.

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