Learn More: Arcade Boss World Event

Starting tomorrow, a new Arcade Boss World event will begin! This includes missions to complete for tickets, used to craft event exclusive loot!

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Here’s Kantayams with more on this event:

“Arcade Boss World, the newest event to hit the client, will be live from 8/10/2017 11:00 PT until 8/24/2017 23:59 PT. Here’s what you need to know: 1) Play missions, 2) Earn tickets from completed missions, and 3) Use tickets to craft event-exclusive loot. 

During Arcade Boss World, you can take on daily missions and five new mission lines. 

To start, complete the first mission Villains Rule! to unlock the event-exclusive New Level Icon and access to two mission lines: Game Start: Blitzcrank and Game Start: Veigar. Afterward, missions you play require equipping any of these Arcade icons to earn mission rewards: 

There will also be two purchasable passes. The Dungeon Pass and Mini-Dungeon Pass unlocks access to daily missions and three other mission lines: Game Start: Brand, Game Start: Ziggs, and Game Start: Malzahar.

Completing missions rewards you with tickets and orbs. As part of Arcade Boss World, we also added free tickets with purchases of regular Hextech Chests or bundles during the event. Tickets are like tokens: you craft them into loot rewards. They expire from inventory on 9/11/17 23:59 PT.

Orbs contain loot and range in size and cost:

If you beat all these levels within the time limit (by 8/24/2017 23:59 PT), you’ll unlock a bonus level with secret icon reward…”

Look for more on the new missions and event starting tomorrow, 8/10!

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