Off Meta: Support Zac

In the past, I’ve dabbled in introducing off meta picks that have surfaced in competitive play and have teased out why they theoretically work. But not this time.

This time we’re going into uncharted territory with my own invention for the new patch and meta. The support pool is aggressively catered towards melee supports at the moment, as all-ins have become more of a way of life in the bottom lane. Blitzcrank hooks used to just be in my nightmares, but now they’re also in every game, further proof that your greatest fears can actually be realized.

A bit dark, but something to combat those pesky all-in melee supports could be one of Riot’s greatest recent nightmares: the reworked and overbuffed Zac. That’s right, Zac support works and I am so sorry you didn’t know sooner. You were probably too busy abusing his overpowered state in the jungle to realize.

Why does this work?

Zac on his own is a very strong champion. He requires little gold share and has great base damage and cooldowns. His crowd control is devastating, with great playmaking abilities through his Q and ultimate. This combination of skills in lane are so obnoxious that it will make enemy supports and AD carries fume with anger. After all, Zac can just walk up and slam them together. Who thought that was a good idea? And if you can’t find both laners, just slam one of them into an incompetent enemy minion, because who thought that was a good idea?

And if you screw up, your passive will save you and a friendly teleport can ensure your survival and probably bait the opponent to their own demise. See, it’s okay because you didn’t actually screw up, it was part of the plan to explode into a few blobets all along! I’ve got your back, reader, that was really smart.

The ease by which you can totally ruin other melee supports is just not fair, as you can slam them, jam them and interrupt their own approach. Your own gank setup for allied ganks is a slimy slingshot that will probably miss but set you up for a great Majin Buu cosplay with your ultimate.

Long story short, with the advent of Blank’s Zac skin after SKT’s 5,000th World Championship, it’s worth taking the plunge on Zac support. I know he’s a jungler, but on a team with Faker and Bang he might as well be another support.

These sets of items will have you bouncing around the enemy team like Flubber. You’ll also have shields and wards, which is very much not like Flubber, but at least you'd be more useful on the rift than Flubber would be.

  1. Relic Shield + 3 Health Potions

  2. Sightstone

  3. Boots of Mobility

  4. Ruby Sightstone

  5. Locket of the Iron Solari

  6. Face of the Mountain

  7. Gargoyle Stoneplate

  8. Knight’s Vow

And please, don’t forget your control wards.

Gabriel Zoltan-Johan is a news editor at theScore esports and the head analyst for the University of Toronto League of Legends team. His (public) musings can be found on his Twitter.

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