Red Post Collection: Dev Diary on Unusual Playstyles, Elementalist Lux on sale through 5/22, MSI FC Update, & more!!

Today’s red post collection includes a video dev diary from Meddler on unusual playstyles in LoL, Elementalist Lux on sale through May 22nd, MSI prizepool update following Group Stages, and more!

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/Dev Diary: Meddler on Unusual Playstyles in League

A new /Dev Diary is now on the Nexus featuring Andrei “Meddler” van Roon talking about unusual playstyles:

“Meddler talks about unusual or “off-meta” playstyles, and how Riot feels about them.”

When asked about players being able to innovate, Meddler continued:


All the stuff he said is true, but at the same time I felt like he wasn’t saying much in terms of the examples he went over because those aren’t the really hard or controversial examples. Reworking tank ekko or ap tryn? Pretty much everyone agrees with you there. Ziggs bot or mf support? Everyone says cool, it’s an unusual playstyle pioneered by pros that turned out to be actually quite good, even optimal in certain situations. But those are easy examples-what if instead of it being rox gorilla playing something unusual intelligently in a very strong team environment, it’s a random soloq smite singed support whose method of communication is copy pasting a wall of text into the lobby about how you can get objectives while he draws pressure in the enemy jungle. It just seems like those are the hard cases-some silver player’s crazy idea of an unusual pick-and he didn’t really respond to those.

We’ve been looking a lot at what sort of environment we create for regular players trying to innovate over the last couple of months, with the Smite Singed and Smite Nunu cases being examples that helped us realize we needed to work on a better set of guidelines. Detailed thoughts at the link below, short version though is: 

“As long as a player is working towards their team’s chances of winning, we won’t punish them for non-standard play styles. That said, there are clear differences between meta breaking and straight up trolling.”

Meddler added that game health is typically their basis for playstyles:


But this was the same patch that they opened up Ziggs to play botlane by focusing his demolition theme. That means that at the the time it wasn’t some universal mandate, they were open to some champions in different roles but still nuked Malzahar because I guess that wasn’t part of the original plan. Completely arbitrary.

Game health is what we try to assess playstyles off, whether they’re a champion’s most common ones or unusual ones. Malz has issues in general, but his jungle and support play have tended to noticeably lower counterplay than his solo laning. That’s meant we’ve felt compelled to address it, rather than supporting it as an interesting and healthy alternative. Bot lane Ziggs by contrast still has clear strengths/weaknesses and reasonable counterplay so we don’t believe we need to address it to make the game better (very much the opposite in fact).”

He added:


Incredibly interesting video, but the point where Meddler suggests that off-meta players should communicate their odd strategy to their team I take issue with. 

The point itself is fine, communication is key, but off-meta players face such a fierce stigma where they will be flamed for playing off-meta, even immediately out of champion select without the off-meta player saying a word, that this communication is sometimes impossible or so unpleasant for these players to partake in. This then leads to situations like the Nunu and Singed smite support cases where these players play a weird, yet successful strategy, but do not communicate it to their teammates, likely because doing so, or asking for their “permission” to do so, results in deeply unpleasant responses more often than not. 

As long as this stigma against off-meta exists, it is pretty unreasonable to expect off-meta players to try and communicate with their team despite getting flamed for doing so.

With you that playing unusual stuff can get you treated poorly by team mates for no good reason, wish it wasn’t the case, but it sometimes is and that’s a broader issue. Despite that though I do believe it’s appropriate to try and communicate more with your team if you’re doing something unusual. You’re putting them in an unexpected, and possibly frustrating situation, so trying to help them understand why you think your approach will work seems like a reasonable attempt to make. A lot of people will be open to new things, and many of those who still object will at least play better with some context so you’re improving your chances of winning too.”

When asked about his opinion on Kennen top,Meddler noted:


What about onhit Kennen top ? He is rly frustrating to play against.

We’re keeping an eye on Kennen given his laning pattern top can be low counterplay for a number of match ups and AD/onhit builds exacerbate that. Post laning phase those builds are pretty healthy though. No current plans to change anything, we’ll see if he crosses a threshold top or not.”

Elementalist Lux on sale through May 22nd

Through May 22nd you can purchase Elementalist Lux on early sale for 2450 RP! This will be the only time this ultimate tier skin will be available for a direct discount.

Here’s Bilby with more:

“Look on the scattered light, Elementalist, and find your medium. Speak its name, and don its colors. Find your element, and reflect it as it reflects you. 

Or find no form at all, and fade into the dark. 

Show your true nature with Elementalist Lux, now on sale for 2450 RP until 5/22/17 at 23:59 PT.

More Elementalist Lux previews available in our release article:

Fan Contribution to MSI 2017

Now that the MSI 2017 Group Stages have wrapped up and we wait for the start of the Knockout stage, Riot released an update on what fan contributions were added to the MSI prize pool:

With the Group Stage of the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational behind us, it’s been an epic journey in Brazil for teams to qualify for Semifinals. 

There’s still plenty of MSI 2017 action to come as we head to the Knockout Stage – with one week left, here’s an update on the fan contributions from purchases of Conqueror Karma and Conqueror ward skin to the prize pool. 

Note: This total is an estimated amount and does not include taxes or fees that winners may need to pay due to local regulations. 

Remember you can support the MSI 2017 prize pool until May 24, 2017 23:59 PT. If you purchase the Conqueror Karma bundle, you’ll not only contribute to the MSI 2017 prize pool but you’ll also get a limited time loading screen border. To learn more about how the MSI 2017 prize pool works and all the MSI 2017 inspired content that will be available during the tournament, click here. 

Thanks for joining us in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for MSI so far. Stay tuned to Lolesports for the final games of the MSI 2017 as we crown a new Mid-Season Invitational champion at the Jeunesse Arena in Rio.”

Additional MSI 2017 content previews available in our previous article.

Quick Hits – Ghostcrawler Q&A on 5/25, Rek’Sai in 7.12, & more

[Quick Hits is our own collection within a red post collection, often including easy to digest stories, specialized information, and/or repeat info you may have missed in other posts!]

1) Ghostcrawler tweeted out that his news live Q&A will take place on May 25th at 5 PM Pacific time. He added the broadcast will be on the Caffeine platform again.

2) Rek’Sai has a large set of changes headed to be 7.11 PBE later this week. Check out Meddler’s recent gameplay thoughts post for more.

3) MSI 2017 participants team Gigabyte Marines recently hosted a reddit AMA to answer questions and thank fans for support during the event.

4) The LoL Summoner Showcase FB shared this Epic comic collab by Suqling! ( recently:


Last up, a few reminders on upcoming and ending soon promotions and sales!
  • MSI 2017 in-game content is now available, including new icons, the legacy Conqueror Karma and more!  Conqueror Karma, returning legacy skins, and more available through May 24th. MSI 2017 continues off with the Knockout Stage n May 19th. MSI Capsules are also in the shop for 600 RP on broadcast days!

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