Red Post Collection: Evelynn AMA, League of Legends Live! & more

Tonight’s small red post collection includes a look at the Evelynn AMA on Reddit, League of Legends Live, a concert experience, and more!

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Evelynn AMA on Reddit

After Evelynn’s recent update in patch 7.20, the team who came together to recreate her ran an AMA on Reddit, answering questions about her design, gameplay, and much more!

Community user Stukov has again put together all the best answers for easy viewing:

[Evelynn AMA Roundup]

League of Legends Live!

Here’s Riot Eroica with more on League of Legends Live:

“Soaring scores and victorious anthems are an integral part of the League of the Legends universe, and we’re bringing them to China to celebrate the 2017 World Championship. League of Legends Live is a concert experience featuring international artists and League of Legends community musicians taking place on the eve of the 2017 World Championship Finals. The event will be broadcast live from the Beijing National Aquatics Center (Water Cube) on November 3 @ 7:30 PM local time in Beijing (GMT+8) / November 3 at 4:30 AM PST. 

Performers include:

  • Alan Walker
  • Mako
  • Pentakill
  • The Crystal Method
  • Yundi
  • PG One
  • Nicki Taylor
  • Lunity
  • Albert Chang of sleightlymusical
  • TJ Brown
  • Rainbow Chamber Singers
  • DJ Xu Meng Yuan
  • The Hollywood Chamber Orchestra
  • and more…

The show will feature performances of a wide variety of music from League of Legends, including Get Jinxed, hits from Pentakill, DJ Sona, Warsongs, Star Guardian, The Curse Of The Sad Mummy, medleys of a wide variety of Worlds and Champion themes, and many other tracks over the course of the 90-minute show. 

We expect that the majority of attendees will be local fans and due to limited seating, we will not be offering tickets outside of China, but you can experience League of Legends Live on Lolesports ( as well as live via! If you miss the live broadcast, we will be re-airing on Lolesports several times leading into Finals.”

Quick Hits

“Eyes on Worlds is a four-part series that follows the best teams in the world at the 2017 World Championship in China. In Episode 2, we follow Rekkles through Fnatic’s miraculous run in the Group Stage.”

“Only eight teams can leave groups and move on to the Quarterfinals. Whose Worlds dreams are being kept alive? Find out with Flashback.”

“Check out the top 5 plays from the second week of the Group Stage of the 2017 World Championship in this week’s episode of The Penta.”

“This week on The Dive the gang are joined by Deficio to wrap up all the action from the Group Stage and previewing Quarterfinals.”


Last up, a few reminders on upcoming and ending soon promotions and sales!

  • The Knockout Stage Pick’em is now live! Make sure to lock in your picks soon, as it closes in just over 24 hours!
  • The Evelynn update is now available! From now until 10/20 a bundle is available with all her skins (including legacy!) for 1617 RP! The legacy Masquerade Evelynn is also in shop 520 RP!
  • The ranked season ends November 7th! Check out this post for all the end of season goodies you will be eligible for at the end of this season!
  • With Worlds 2017 in full swing, Summoner’s Rift is celebrating with new emotes, map accents, and much more as Worlds hits the Rift through the end of Worlds! Championship Ashe and her Golden Championship chroma, ward, legacy esports skins and much more are now available! Check out the post for all the details.

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