Team Vitality’s GBM: If I could pick any NA or EU player to import to the LCK, I’d choose Aphromoo

It's going to be a while before we see any imports into the LCK, at least according to Team Vitality's Lee "GBM" Chang-suk.

The mid laner turned jungler turned mid laner once more joined The Nexus Podcast hosts Lisa and Gabe for a discussion on regional differences between LCK, NA LCS, and EU LCS.

"The culture is very different, because Korea is very strict… they think communication is very important so if they cannot speak Korean, they don't like it," he said.

For those wondering if NA or EU players who speak Korean, such as Eugene "Pobelter" Park, could make it in the LCK, GBM took a conservative approach to the topic: "If they think Pobelter is really good, they can try him out."

Assuming the language barrier didn't exist, GBM had his own pick for who would best fit LCK.

"If I can choose someone from NA or EU, I would choose Aphromoo. I really like him, he's a really nice guy, he can adapt anywhere, is so friendly, and is very smart." GBM said. "Maybe not top tier… he can try, we don't know yet because we haven't seen it."

And if a Western player did want to make it in the LCK? "[Communication] is the most important thing. Korea is a very respectful language, and English is not a respectful language." GBM says.

He notes that in Korea, authority figures or elders, like a big sister or team owner, have to be respected in all aspects of communication. "That is really hard for NA people, I guess."

Gabriel Zoltan-Johan is a News Editor at theScore esports and the head analyst for the University of Toronto League of Legends team. His (public) musings can be found on his Twitter.

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