The Nexus Podcast ep. 8 with GBM: Roleswapping, playing in 3 regions, and what

3:37 – GBM and his outdoorsy nature
6:45 – GBM on moving to another region and swapping roles
9:23 – Going back to being a mid laner
13:13 – What he learned from the coaching staff of each region
18:22 – GBM on language and LCS players going to Korea as imports
21:18 – What LCS player would be the best fit in the LCK?
23:00 – What are the big lifestyle and training differences between regions?
28:50 – The M stands for Masseuse
31:28 – How do teams not in playoffs or relegations spend their time?
32:51 – The future of Vitality and GBM, including his coaching aspirations
42:11 – Does GBM regret leaving Korea?
43:40 – EU playoff predictions
44:59 – Keeping in touch with old teammates and helping Moon

Lee "GBM" Chang-suk has played in Korea, North America, and Europe, and he wants to add more to his travel checklist.

The Nexus Podcast hosts Gabe and Lisa sat down with GBM to discuss all the differences that each region has, from solo queue to training regiments to the great outdoors.

Together, they also discuss GBM's roleswap, why it happened, what he learned, and why the heck he decided he's going to switch back to his original role.

Then, the crew dives into language and communication differences between Korea and the west, and we even get a little insight into who might be the best player from the west to be imported into the LCK, if any. We then look at GBM's coaching aspirations, what kind of coach he may want to be and what style suits him best.

Gabriel Zoltan-Johan is a News Editor at theScore esports and the head analyst for the University of Toronto League of Legends team. His (public) musings can be found on his Twitter.

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