theScore esports Podcast ep. 9: Immortals CEO Noah Whinston on the state of the LCS, retirement in esports

4:24: Whinston on Immortals, the first of the "new wave" of esports teams
6:01: On building a fan community for Immortals
8:10: Why investing in smaller esports can be detrimental to an org
10:28: Creating a committed fan base is the "ultimate goal"
11:37: Whinston on the benefits and potential pitfalls of franchising the LCS
13:34: Why an LCS draft would benefit the fans, and only the fans
16:33: The state of the LCS right now
18:35: On the Tainted Minds debacle, taking care of Immortals players
20:37: Why team houses don't work in their current form
22:40: Esports athletes have "no idea how to take care of themselves"
24:55: "It's kind of bullshit when people reference the lifespan of esports pros"
28:44: On providing Immortals players with basic life skills outside esports
31:45: How to run an esports org at age 22
35:09: The boys shoot the sh*t after the interview: Spring Split, Astralis drops out of ESL One Cologne, and RIP Mad Catz

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This week on theScore esports Podcast, hosts Colin, Kyle and Ryan sat down over Skype with Noah Whinston, the CEO of Immortals.

The 22-year-old CEO spoke about how his organization managed to build a fan base in less than two years, the current state of NA LCS, and who would benefit from franchising the LCS.

Whinston also touched on the subject of retirement in esports, and why that has less to do with burnout and more to do with money than you might think, as well as how he keeps his head on his shoulders while running an entire epsorts org at an age many of us were still living in mom’s basement.

Colin McNeil is a supervising editor for theScore esports. You can follow him on Twitter.

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