This Week in Esports: Rekkles opens up, delays plague EPL and more Dota than you can handle

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Welcome to This Week in Esports, a new series that will get you caught up on all of the important news from the week that was, alongside some not-so-important-but-still-super-cool-news sprinkled in. So without further ado, here are some talking points that are sure to make your parents say “WTF?”

We Like…

Players opening up about their personal struggles

One of esports’ biggest charms comes from the fact that its young stars are more candid with the media than traditional athletes, and Josh Bury’s interview with Fnatic’s star AD carry Rekkles is no exception.

In a two-part interview, Rekkles went in-depth on a myriad of different topics, but it was his candid responses about the personal struggles he faced at the beginning of the year and how he has matured as a person that really made the interview something special. It’s easy to forget that the industry takes a huge mental toll on these young adults, and hopefully the positive responses that the interview generated help remind these players that they are not in this alone.

Twitch’s Power Rangers Marathon

Tommy transforming into the White Ranger, Rito and co. destroying the Zords, and a whole lot of Morphin’ Time were just some of the iconic scenes that tens of thousands of fans were treated to when Twitch kicked off their Power Rangers Marathon.

A quick TL;DR for those of you that have been living under a rock. Twitch decided to air all 23 seasons of Power Ranger back-to-back (for those keeping count at home, that’s 831 episodes A.K.A. more Power Rangers than any human should consume in their lifetime). According to Polygon, more than 60,000 people watched the Green Ranger debut in the epic Green with Evil story arc and while viewership has declined as the seasons wore on, the marathon successfully catered to people’s nostalgia as much as it helped market the upcoming reboot.

What was the best part of the marathon so far? The fact that Goldar and Nasus are now one in the same.

NFL Players showing their love for Dota 2

After reading Daniel Rosen’s interview with Green Bay Packers linebacker Blake Martinez, there’s no denying that the Stanford product is a massive Dota 2 fan.

After all, what casual says that they would love to play alongside Fata and name the original No Diggity as his favorite Dota 2 team? No one, that’s who.

We Don’t Like…

Long EPL Delays

Delays in esports are an unfortunate reality. But Thursday’s night’s NA EPL match between Misfits and Cloud9 featured some of the worst delays that the CS:GO community has seen since ESWC 2015.

I’m kidding, but it was still pretty bad.

I could go ahead and give you the TL;DR of what happened, but I’m lazy and theScore esports’ Daniel Rosen got Misfits’ Sean Gares to give a first hand account of what happened. Take it away Sean!

It was really confusing to all of us because we were in a unique situation that the match was virtually over when the server restarted. We were in triple overtime and in a 4 versus 1 with only 15 seconds left in the round and all 4 of us surrounding the enemy (n0thing). Given our locations I think it’s fair to say that he had an extremely small chance of winning the round. If he plants then one of us charges and he loses time and if he goes for kills one of us hides and he can’t win due to running out of time.

Go on….

I think ESL should’ve made a judgement call and granted us the win, but I can kind of understand that they didn’t.

That’s a fair and honest statement. But hopefully everything was cleared up in a timely fashion….

It was crazy that it then took over 2.5 hours, and two failed match medic attempts, to get a match medic on the server on the incorrect round (the server didn’t save the match medic on 24-23… it only saved 24-22). We technically ended the game 25-22 even though the real score would’ve been 25-23. After the map was over it was already ~3am for our east coast players, but we still had to play a second map. I don’t think I’ve ever played a match that late, so it was definitely a unique scenario.

Wait what!? But you guys got to bed right after the map… right?

The second map was played without a problem, but keep in mind we were playing that match over 5 hours after the first match started so everyone was a little sleepy.


Pudge trolling solo queue

If I had a nickel for every time I saw Pudge picked in a solo queue match I’d be rich, and if I had a nickel for every time I saw one mess up my solo queue game I’d be sipping a mojito on my private island instead of writing this column.

Unfortunately that’s not the way the world works, but I’d be lying if i said that I didn’t take some enjoyment out of the fact the Evil Geniuses offlaner Universe has to deal with the same trolls in solo queue that I do.

OK, so, I was playing Enigma in my game, and one of my teammates felt like I stole his hero. And he just picked Pudge and followed me around the entire game. And anytime I was getting chased by the enemy, he would hook me back into them. That was the worst pub experience I’ve had recently.

Pro gamers, they’re just like us!

We’re Unsure Of…

Un’Goro’s first look

It’s no secret that Hearthstone is in a bad place right now. The ladder almost exclusively consists of the same four decks and a few high profile pros have even talked about making the switch over to Gwent.

But what better way to breathe new life into a game with a stale meta than teasing its latest expansion. Blizzard have revealed a number of new Journey to Un’Goro cards since Friday, and while some of them looked cool (I’m looking at you Elise) other ones looked downright awful (*cough* Explore Un’Goro *cough*). Yes, there are still a lot of cards that have yet to be revealed but as of now, we’re going to hold off calling Un’Goro the expansion that made Hearthstone great again until we see more of what Blizzard has to offer.

A lot of Dota Games

There were A LOT of Dota 2 games played over last two weeks — 276 Main Qualifier matches between all six regions to be exact.

Yes, they were hype. Yes, we now know who all the teams heading to Valve’s next Major are. No, I wasn’t able to watch them all.

Seriously Valve, 276 Dota 2 games over the course of seven days is just too much, even for people who get paid to cover them all.

Just ask our data team, they’re still trying to get their sleep schedule back on track.

Gwent Tournaments

A $100,000 Gwent tournament was announced last week and while it seems like the Witcher-based card game may become a thing, we’re not convinced just yet.

We Want…

Origen to win a match

Losing sucks. Losing every match sucks even more. Sure, Origen are far from a good team, but nobody wants to see a team fail to take a series win over the course of an entire split.

You can likely probably maybe hopefully do it Origen… even if your last two games of the split are against UoL and H2K!

G2’s CS:GO team to take on G2’s LoL team on The Rift

After a video of G2’s CS:GO superteam posing in League of Legends character portraits at the EU LCS studios went viral, I couldn’t help but think, “What would happen if these two teams played against one another on the Rift?” Perkz vs. kennyS in the mid lane, NBK vs. Trick in the jungle and Shox vs. Zven in the bot lane. Who wouldn’t watch that?

Sure, it would probably be a wipeout, but the fans would love and it would set the stage for a sequel where the CS:GO team challenged the LoL boys on Nuke.

Jeremy Lin 1v1 Blake Martinez

As mentioned earlier, we spoke to Green Bay Packers linebacker Blake Martinez about his love for Dota 2 and in that interview he said that he could beat noted Dota fan Jeremy Lin in a fame. And what better way to prove that then a 1v1 showmatch!

Let’s make it happen….bro.

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