19 Lies You Actually Believed As A Teen

“This isn’t a phase! This is who I really am!”

“I can’t wait to stop getting zits one day.”

"I can't wait to stop getting zits one day."

While your skin probably improved over time, zits never completely went away.

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

“$1,000 is a lot of money.”

"$1,000 is a lot of money."

Now all that money immediately disappears to go to rent, bills, and other responsibilities. And $1,000 doesn't come close to covering it all.

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“Everyone but me has their shit together.”

"Everyone but me has their shit together."

The day you realized that nobody has a plan — we're all winging it!!!! — was a scary day indeed.

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“I’m very mature for my age.”

"I'm very mature for my age."

Now you think about how you actually acted back then and just shake your head.


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