21 Of The Worst Responses To “I Love You” That Have Actually Happened

“After I confessed my feelings she asked me, ‘Are you sure you’re not just lonely?’”

“It was Valentine's Day and while we were out for a walk late at night, we got into a fight. I figured out she was basically taking me along for a walk while she stopped in at some guy's house. I cried and told her that I loved her, and she said, 'I know, and I love you too, but I also love dick.' I dropped the rose she gave me in the street and ran away to cry while she went inside and banged the dude.”

Submitted by razzlebazzle

“I told my ex I loved him and he said, 'Well shit, guess today is the day. I was waiting to break up with you until you said it.'”

Submitted by laureng4f05340e1

“This was more a friend love, but I definitely said it too soon. I was in middle school and she said something so stupid and funny, so I said, 'God, I love you.' She asked, 'What?' and I panic autocorrected to, 'I love blue.'

“I spent the next 20 minutes trying to convince her that I was really into this one shade of blue while pointing at random objects and saying things like 'but MORE intense' or 'darker'! This was, obviously, before smartphones.”

Submitted by Kaylee Walsh

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