‘Medicane,’ a uncommon, hurricane-like storm, is on monitor to hit Europe


The hybrid storm, usually referred to as a “Medicane” (Mediterranean + hurricane) has options just like hurricanes and typhoons.

In keeping with a study published in 2011, solely about 1-2 “Medicanes” happen per 12 months. These highly effective storms normally occur in the course of the months of September and October, when sea floor temperatures within the Mediterranean are nonetheless fairly heat, though they will happen at any time of 12 months.
A hurricane-like storm in the Mediterranean Sea, known as a 'Medicane,' spins near the island of Sicily on November 7th, 2014.

The present storm triggered flash flooding throughout Tunisia and Libya over the previous few days earlier than transferring north over the Mediterranean in the direction of Europe.

Over the ocean, the storm is prone to choose up extra tropical-like options usually related to hurricanes, similar to gale-force winds and even a watch in its heart.

The system is predicted to maneuver slowly over the island of Crete and southern Greece on Saturday earlier than choosing up velocity and heading into western Turkey on Sunday.

Areas of Greece and Turkey can be hit with heavy rains and really sturdy winds.

On Crete and different southern islands of Greece, as a lot as four to six inches (100 to 150 millimeters) of rain may fall, which may result in flash flooding. Cities like Izmir, Turkey, and Kalamata, Greece, may see 2 to three inches (50 to 60 milllimeters).

Thankfully, the Medicane will doubtless get absorbed into the upper-level jet stream and won’t linger over southeastern Europe, which can restrict the quantity of flooding from the storm.

Latest main methods similar to hurricanes Harvey and Florence produced catastrophic flooding due to their slow-moving nature.

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