21 Rather Mortifying High School Formal Horror Stories

And you thought just having a tiny stumble in your heels was bad.

The eyelash dilemma:

The eyelash dilemma:

Decided it was a good idea to get my eyelashes tinted on the day of my Year 12 formal. Turns out the beauty therapist had no idea what she was doing and the tint started burning my eyes out while I was laying there. The tint got all over my face and acrylic nails. After the whole situation was finally over, I knew I had to rush back to the nail salon to get my nails fixed. I cried the whole way to the nail salon, thinking my eyes were going to be red and burning for the rest of the day. Luckily the nail salon saw the state of me and fixed my shellac for free!

–Amy Mckenna, Facebook


High beaming it:

High beaming it:

I wore a low cut dress and couldn't wear a bra to stop the high beams. I decided to wear these little flower shaped bandaid things over my nipples… when I came off stage I was informed that under the bright lights everyone could see my nipple flowers through my dress.

–Kristy Anne King, Facebook


The bump ‘n’ grind:

The bump 'n' grind:

I was grinding so hard on my date and my tampon fell out right on the dance floor! Thankfully I was wearing a long black dress and could drag it with my foot to the bathroom. It was disgusting and my friends never stop talking about it to this day almost two years later.



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