Taiwan mocks Beijing over new Winnie the Pooh movie


On its official Twitter account, Taiwan’s International Ministry posted a picture of their tourism mascot Oh! Bear, saying he was dismayed “his cousin Winnie’s” movie had been “banned” by Chinese language authorities.

“Make no mistake: All bears are created equal in Taiwan and “Christopher Robin” is screening nationwide,” the ministry said.
The brand new Disney movie facilities round a grown-up Christopher Robin reuniting together with his previous associates from the Hundred Acre Wooden, together with Winnie the Pooh and Piglet.

There was no official announcement concerning “Christopher Robin,” however many media shops instructed there may very well be a hyperlink between the choice to not present the movie and the Chinese language authorities’s crackdown on photographs of Winnie the Pooh.

Cheeky netizens in China have usually linked Pooh to Xi, claiming there may be an uncanny resemblance between the 2 and scary the wrath of Chinese language censors.

However given solely 34 overseas movies are allowed into the nation yearly, blockbusters are likely to dominate the listing in an try to show the best revenue.

As well as, there is not any blanket ban in mainland China on the character of Winnie the Pooh — his books and toys can nonetheless be purchased broadly throughout the nation.

By drawing consideration to rumors of a ban by Beijing on the movie, Taiwan’s authorities is making an attempt to spotlight its higher freedom of expression in comparison with the mainland, at a time when the 2 governments are locked in a livid battle over the island’s standing.

Regardless of Taiwan being self-governed for nearly 70 years, the Beijing authorities continues to view the island as an integral a part of its territory.

China’s State Movie Bureau, which approves all overseas motion pictures proven within the nation, didn’t reply to requests for remark from CNN.

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