19 Fancy AF Places To Drink Tea In London

*sips tea*


This charming tea room in Notting Hill is designed to look like someone's stately home sitting room, complete with fine china and a piano in the corner. Please try to resist putting the pretty cups in your bag – you can buy them instead afterwards, along with a bag of your favourite brew to have at home.

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Opium Chinatown

Opium Chinatown

Done up like a exotic tea parlour, Opium is a hidden bar in Chinatown that serves both tea and tea cocktails. If you're on the wagon, go for a cup of Iron Goddess Of Mercy tea, aka my alter ego (yes I have made that joke before). But if you're off the wagon, you must have a smoking Opium #6 cocktail, done with tequila, cactus, ginger, oolong tea and MAGIC.

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My new fave. I love Tombo because it does excellent poke bowls that are even better than pokeballs (SEE WHAT I DID THERE I AM HILARIOUS), and all the matcha. If you don't know what matcha is, it is basically green tea but on acid. You can get hot matcha tea and matcha lattes, but friends, the matcha soft serve ice cream is where it is at.

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Yauatcha does the best dim sum in London, and I've just realised they have some of the best tea in the city too. They do a ton of beautifully fancy blends from the East, but the one you absolutely must try is the blue tea. It is sweet and light and floral and easily some of the best tea I've ever had, ever.


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