Clinton Campaign Reportedly Hacked In Broad Attack On Democrats

Andrew Harnik / AP

Hillary Clinton's campaign was hacked as part of what appears to be a broad cyber attack on Democratic political organizations running up to the presidential election, Reuters reported Friday.

Leaked emails from the Democratic National Committee were released by WikiLeaks just days before the party's convention, and on Friday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee confirmed to BuzzFeed News they too were hacked.

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating the hack into the computer network used by the Clinton campaign, Reuters reported, suggesting a wide effort to infiltrate networks used by the Democratic Party.

A spokesperson for the FBI's national office told BuzzFeed News the agency had no comment on the cyber infiltration of Clinton's campaign.

The Clinton campaign also did not immediately respond to BuzzFeed News inquiries about the hack.

Reuters reported that the involvement of the Justice Department's national security division suggests there is suspicion that the cyber intrusions were state sponsored, versus a an attack by an independent hacker or group.

A spokeswoman for the DCCC told BuzzFeed the group was informed that the hack into their computer systems was similar to the attack on the Democratic National Committee.

“We've been advised by investigators that this is similar to other recent incidents,” Meredith Kelly of the DCCC said. “We are cooperating with the federal law enforcement with respect to their ongoing investigation.”

It was not clear what information, if any, might have been gleamed from the Clinton campaign.

The DCCC is a political fundraising organization for Democrats in the House of Representatives.

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