Four US Swimmers To Face Disciplinary Committee Over False Robbery Story

Ryan Lochte attends a press conference in Rio de Janeiro on August 12.

Matt Hazlett / Getty Images

Four US swimmers are set to face an international disciplinary commission after fabricating a story about being robbed a gunpoint.

The International Olympic Committee has formed the disciplinary commission to investigate the actions of Ryan Lochte, 32, Jimmy Feigen, 26, Gunnar Bentz, 20, and Jack Conger, 21, the Associated Press reported. The commission reportedly was organized Friday — the same day Lochte apologized for falsely claiming he and the other swimmers were held up by a man impersonating police.

The swimmers' story about being robbed began to fall apart as police reviewed surveillence footage and talked to witnesses. Police eventually said that Lochte was acting “out of control” and that one of the swimmers vandalized a gas station restroom.

Brazilian authorities indicted Lochte and Feigen for falsely reporting a crime. Bentz and Conger were not indicted and were allowed to leave Brazil Thursday after providing statements to law enforcement.

Swimmers Jack Conger, left, and Gunnar Bentz, right are escorted through Miami International Airport on August 19.

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Lochte had previously returned to the US on Monday, before the indictment was issued.

Feigen was allowed to leave Thursday after making a charitable donation of nearly $11,000.

However, Brazilian prosecutors have indicated they wanted Feigen to pay even more, and entered an injunction against him Friday. In a court document, the Rio’s State Attorneys’ Office argues that it didn’t agree on how much the athlete should be charged. Prosecutors wanted Feigen to pay a 150,000 reais fine ($47,000), but during the negotiations his lawyers said that he wouldn’t able to pay that much and that the amount was “disproportionate” in face of the events.

It was not immediately clear Friday evening if Feigen would be compelled to pay more.

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