Rifle-Toting Groups Patrol Streets As Protesters Rally At Trump Event In Dallas

Gun rights supporters said they attended the event to prevent violence, while protesters criticized Trump on immigration and his claim of support from LGBT Americans.

Jim Dalrymple II / BuzzFeed News

DALLAS — Under a relentless sun and crushing heat, hundreds of protesters and supporters of Donald Trump converged near downtown Dallas Thursday for what was surely the most quintessentially Texas gathering of the recent campaign season.

The gathering — which ended with a single arrest — happened outside a campaign rally that came together at the last minute after the presumptive Republican nominee struggled to find a venue that could accommodate him and his security needs.

Stewart F. House / Getty Images

That venue turned out to be Gilley's, a nightclub on the edge of downtown Dallas tucked between a row of bars and loft apartments. As the rally began, hundreds of demonstrators outside waved flags and touted their background as immigrants, while others toted guns and riot shields.

Matthew Short — who carried a shield and handgun — told BuzzFeed News he came to the rally because “some of these rallies have turned violent in other cities and we don't want that to happen in Dallas, Texas.”

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