Someone Dumped A Pile Of Manure Outside A Democratic Party Office

It’s not the first time Democrats in Warren County, Ohio, have been stuck with a pile of crap before an election.

Someone dumped a pile of manure outside the Democratic Party headquarters in Warren County, Ohio, on Saturday.

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Deputies from the Warren County Sheriff's office first noticed the mess early Saturday and notified local party leaders, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

The party said they were working with the sheriff's office to find the people responsible for the shit.

“We have cameras, so the perps will hopefully be responsible for their actions,” the Warren County party wrote on Facebook.

The local Republican party denied having anything to do with the dump, USA Today reported, and offered to assist in the clean up.

It’s not the first time a pile of crap has landed at the party’s doorstep before an election.

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In 2012, a manure pile was dumped in the same spot several weeks before the election.

No one was arrested at that time. 💩

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