That Scary Statue Of Lucille Ball Got Replaced With A New, Not-So-Scary Statue

The actress would have turned 105 on Saturday.

Remember “Scary Lucy,” that statue of Lucille Ball that everyone found just a tad unsettling?

Standing in the middle of Lucille Ball Memorial Park in the actress' hometown of Celoron, New York, the statue was intended to pay homage to the Hollywood icon.

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Instead, it was dubbed “Scary Lucy,” with many people calling it “horrible” and “a monstrosity.”

A Facebook group calling for its removal had thousands of members.

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Well, a new statue was unveiled Saturday, right in time for what would have been Ball’s 105th birthday.

The statue, which was made by sculptor Carolyn Palmer, is made of bronze and stands seven feet tall.

“I've lived and breathed every second of Lucy for the last nine months,” Palmer told the Hollywood Reporter.

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