Trump’s Supporters Say His Shift In Immigration Tone “Makes Sense”

“It makes perfect sense, if he weren’t evolving I’d be worried,” a supporter of the candidate told BuzzFeed News. “He’s still talking about all the right stuff.”

Drew Anthony Smith / Getty Images

AUSTIN — At a massive campaign rally Tuesday in Austin, Texas, several supporters of Donald Trump told BuzzFeed News that they understood why the candidate might pivot away from his plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants in the US.

“It’s just realistic,” Tammie Raulston, 47 — who was sporting a sparkly red, white, and blue cowboy hat at the rally, said. She said that she was a “big fan” of Trump’s immigration policy because, “as a Texan, I’m constantly up to my eyeballs in illegals,” but she understood that deporting every immigrant in the country illegally was just not possible.

After a meeting with his newly appointed Hispanic advisory council Saturday, three of the council members told BuzzFeed News Trump was looking into “more humane” immigration policies, at least in regards to mass deportation.

Trump and his campaign have since denied anything about his immigration platform has changed, but in his speech on Tuesday, the Republican took a different approach to deportation — focusing more on undocumented immigrants charged with crimes.

And Trump supporters did not seem to care.

“Look, I've been in trouble with the police, and I was taken away from my family and put in jail. And I'm a citizen!” said Jamie Botello, 40, a self-professed “Trump convert” of Latino descent who was at the rally with his wife and three-year-old daughter.

“All these illegal immigrants are committing crimes and not being held accountable,” he added over the roar of the crowd as Trump took the stage, “that's much more important than anything else.”

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